What Is Our Communication Device with God?

Young woman reading bible

Words are powerful, especially when they come from God.

Through God’s word everything came into being (Genesis 1, John 1).

Through God’s word everything is sustained (Hebrews 1:3).

Through God’s word both  justice and mercy, blessing and curse are revealed (Deut. 28).

Through God’s word we have a future and a hope (through the gospel).

Sometimes God spoke directly to the prophets who recorded these things as a memorial for every generation. He even wrote them down with His own finger (Exodus 31:18). What did God write? He wrote of redemption and the foundation of our moral laws—the Ten Commandments.

God’s word through His servants reveal His sovereign relationship with His beloved people (historical narrative), His requirements on how to maintain that relationship (laws), and ways to understand and express that relationship (through song, wisdom saying, and other poetic means). Furthermore, He communicated a multitude of promises, the greatest of which is the provision of a Saviour in the person of Jesus Christ. Today, we call it all Scripture and every word of it is profitable for teaching us how God wants us to relate to Him as well as to each other.

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