Rise Up, O Man of God

God declares to all true believers in Jesus Christ; “You were once darkness, but now light in the Lord. Walk as children of light” (Ephesians 5:8). We praise Him that He continually raises up faithful servants to hold forth the glorious light of the gospel to a lost and dying world. Are you trusting in… Read More ›

The Guardian of the Truth

God has revealed absolute Truth in creation and through His special revelation, the Bible. He has also entrusted to the church the responsibility of guarding His Truth (1 Tim. 3:15). Each individual church has this responsibility as well as the broader assemblies such as classis (regional) and synod (national). Praise God that the declaration of… Read More ›

Grace Despised and Rejected

The amazing grace of God, who could find fault with it? Unfortunately many do to their own destruction. Opposition comes in many directions. Some will dismiss it outright saying “It is impossible.” Others will declare that “It is not fair!” Still others will either simply ignore it or attempt to silence the messenger of grace…. Read More ›

Speak the Truth in Love

Though our Lord Jesus Christ was despised, rejected, ridiculed, shamefully mistreated, and murdered by wicked men, yet it brought about the greatest good to the world. The good news of salvation has been despised, rejected, ridiculed, and opposed since it was first proclaimed. Those saved by the grace of the gospel through the work of… Read More ›