You Are Not Alone

Christ, through His Word (the Gospel) and Spirit, transforms His enemies into beloved children and gathers them together in common union (the church) to fulfill His glorious purposes. We who have been reconciled to God are entrusted with this life changing Word and are called to help one another to promote and protect the same… Read More ›

Love Your Enemies

An unregenerate person is an enemy of the gospel of God (Rom. 11:28). We who were once included in that number have been translated from darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love (Col. 1:13). This merciful intervention of God was accomplished through the faithful proclamation of the gospel by Christ’s church and… Read More ›

Until The Fullness Of Thy Kingdom Come

Whether you realize it or not, every day you are involved in a clash of kingdoms. The kingdom of this world is being confronted and confounded by Christ’s victorious kingdom. Those delivered from the kingdom of darkness by His grace are now instruments of that grace. Though our life battles are intense and at times… Read More ›