He is Faithful, He Will Keep His Promises

The Lord God determined to save “the many” by means of “the one.” Out of the whole human race, He called one man to trust His promises and to become the means through which God’s mercy and compassion was fully realized. Abraham’s life of faith reflected the prayer of Augustine who prayed; “Grant what You… Read More ›

God’s Wisdom Is Greater

There is a unity that beautifully mirrors that of the Triune God and there is a unity that is extremely wicked and destructive. How can we promote the former and avoid the latter? By taking heed to the Word and wisdom of God. Though God sovereignly works all things together for His glory and our… Read More ›

Comfort In Judgment

No matter how hard you try to fight against it or explain it away, there is one thing that is absolutely certain, namely that Almighty God is just and holy and that his judgment of the rebellion and sin of mankind is inescapable. It occurred in the garden of Eden, in the pre-flood world of… Read More ›

And He Named Her Life

God decreed the existence and extension of the human race through the office and calling of mother. He also declared and accomplished ultimate victory over sin, the devil, and death through the “seed of woman” born to a virgin. Do you understand and appreciate this great gift of God? What will you do to express your… Read More ›