Carried on Eagles Wings

God continually reminds us as His beloved people of our redemption from bondage. He furthermore calls us to renew our covenant relationship with Him. Our thankful response should be to hear and do all that He requires of us as well as to rejoice in His great love for us in Christ. The main points… Read More ›

Saved by Faith Alone!

The attempt to make any work as the basis for our justification fails on this simple fact: Works must be perfect throughout. That is, perfect in thought, word, and deed. These “perfect works” also would need to be consistently done from conception to death. Even then, they cannot erase Adam’s sin that was imputed to… Read More ›

Do You Trust Him?

Does our Lord exercise sovereign rule over those outside your comfort zone? What about over those with whom you have strong disagreement? Do you trust Him? Remember that the Lord God is a just judge in time and in eternity and that through judgment He brings destruction or salvation. “He does according to His will… Read More ›

That Rock Was Christ

Why did the Lord lead His people to the place where there was absolutely no water? Because they needed to learn that He is the ultimate source of life. It was His presence and grace that sustained them. We must learn this truth, that we must know, respect (fear) and trust the Lord. He even… Read More ›