Traveling Together to the Celestial City

Our life of faith can be likened to a journey or pilgrimage to the celestial city. Along the way we encounter trials and temptations as well as encouragement and assistance. We must, with diligence, press on to the goal set before us. The sermon from Ezra chapter 8 (below) is helpful in considering this truth. The… Read More ›

Be an Ezra

God raised up Ezra to teach His people by both word and deed. Ezra prepared his heart to fulfill God’s design on his life by seeking to know and to do God’s will as revealed in God’s holy Word. He became a helper to the people of God (his name means “help” in Hebrew). God… Read More ›

Facing Opposition To The Truth

Our sovereign God, for His own glory and according to the good pleasure of His will, brings about challenges to our faith in the form of adversity and opposition to the truth. These difficulties provide us with opportunities to walk by faith in Him and His all sufficient Word. Will you trust Him? The main points… Read More ›