Guardian of the Truth

Our daily lives and especially our eternal destiny is dependent upon God’s Truth. In the beginning, God entrusted His Truth into the hands of Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, they failed to guard the Truth and even rebelled against it. Yet God, in His great mercy, continued to reveal His Truth and to entrust it into the hands of His covenant people, the Church. This responsibility to guard and promote the Truth continues until the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ. But where is this responsibility taught in Scripture? Below is a series of articles designed to answer that question.

First a little historic background on the writing of these articles. In 2002, I was asked by the editor of the Reformed Herald to write on the nature and continuing existence of the Church. This was due to the attack on the Church by Mr. Harold Camping. The articles listed below are the first four in a series of six articles that were published from September of 2002 through February of 2003 (the last two articles focused specifically on refuting the heretical teaching of Mr. Camping and are not included). The articles can be summarized as follows:

God called the covenant people of God to proclaim and guard the Truth.

God called the Apostle Paul to proclaim and guard the Truth.

God called faithful men such as Timothy and Titus to proclaim and guard the Truth.

God calls the church throughout history to proclaim and guard the Truth.

For His Kingdom and Glory,

Rev. Michael Voytek
Rehoboth Reformed Church
La Habra, California


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